Retail is reinventing itself. Brands today must bring their stories to life in both physical and digital spaces. They also must forge authentic emotional connections with consumers. Today's customers want to feel that they're "a part of the family" for the brands they love.

Amid this environment of transformation, I use my unique background to create strategies for captivating customers. I've been a key influencer at large companies, including Nike, where I helped shape the brand's visual merchandising strategy and ensure alignment among Nike stores, Nike's website and retail partners.

I also led visual merchandising around the globe tied to the 2012 London Olympics and helped create the vision for the Nike launch during the 2015 All Star Weekend. I influenced what products went into assortments, guided product displays online and in stores and even helped design mannequins and fixtures.

But my approach is also informed by my work with small boutiques, where I started my career. This early immersion in every facet of retail — buying, hiring, marketing, managing staff — was invaluable. I learned what customers respond to and how to shape store environments based on that.

Today, I draw on everything I learned working both small and large retailers in my current role with YETI Coolers in Austin, Texas. As a retail brand marketing manager, I've led the way in developing a more strategic approach to retail. What I do is both a science and an art. I balance factors like maximizing space and capacity with delivering premium presentation and storytelling that conveys key messages and drives customer interest.

As retail continues to evolve, I'm excited to draw on my experiences and insights to shape its future. I invite you to learn more about what I do by downloading my resume or checking out my portfolio.